Perfect Enterprises has 35 years of expertise as a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of specialized orthopedic trauma products. Hip Prosthesis, Angled Blade Plates, Jewett Nails, DHS/DCS Plates, Bone Screws, Facial Plates, Small Fragment Plates, Large Fragment Plates, Locking Plates, Spine Surgical Implants, Intramedullary Nails, DFN, PFN, PFN A2, Pins-Wires-Drill-Bits, Fixator Ilizarow, OLRS (Orthofix Limb Reconstruction System), HTO Fix Headquartered in Delhi (INDIA). To serve patients and the medical community worldwide, we are constantly dedicated to offering the highest-quality goods and services to assure absolute client satisfaction and competitive costs in the Indian and international markets.

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